Half a Dozen Uses for Eggshells

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uses for eggshells
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For when you need a little “egg-stra” help to reduce, reuse and recycle.


Along with your coffee grounds, newspaper, kitchen scraps and grass clippings, eggshells will break down in your compost and add nutrients to your gardening soil.

Amazing Ornaments

Go blow some eggs! It’s a technique that requires a bit of patience, where the yolk is removed after adding a tiny pinhole on each end of your egg. Then add a little primer and use acrylic paints to add a personal touch. Decorative beads and string or ribbon finish off the ornament and makes for a perfect, personalized gift. Find more instructions here.

Seed Starters

Earlier we showed you how to make your own recycled seed starting pots. Eggshells look super cute and are planted with the seedling after it has sprouted and is ready for transplant. Try and break shells carefully enough in half and give them a rinse first. Gently crush the eggshell when you’re ready to plant the seedlings in the ground.

Other Uses for Eggshells


Recycle egg shellsThere are resources online that will teach you the fine craft of eggshell sculpting and carving, and eggshells also make beautiful mosaics. Find out how crack the shells, adhere them to surfaces, and add a durable finish in Eggshell Mosaics by author Gail Dziudza.

If this is a bit too advanced, there’s always making fun drawings with eggshell chalk. Add hot water and flour to eggshells and follow a few more instructions on how to make sidewalk chalk.

Food Supplement

Eggshells have a lot of calcium, so many people add in a whole crushed egg to their dog or cat food. One eggshell provides enough calcium for an average sized dog, and even less is enough for a cat. Pets benefit from the mineral supplement, and same goes for birds and egg-laying reptiles. Check with your vet for the best advice for your pet’s diet.


Ground eggshells make a wonderful abrasive for tough-to-clean dishes or other household items. Mix them with a little soapy water for a nontoxic scrub. For a handy stain remover, place the ground up eggshell and soapy water in soak it overnight inside your coffee pot or other tricky, stained appliance.

Don’t forget to recycle your egg cartons in your bin, where paper is accepted.

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