Swap Costumes for a Recycled Halloween

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Are you still looking for a sweet Halloween costume for yourself, or for your kids? There are national programs to reuse and recycle Halloween costumes you should check out. Quite often a costume will only be worn once before it’s either outgrown or no longer cool or timely (Jack Sparrow for the third year in a row? Really? Well, it is reuse…) Buying new costumes every year can also get quite expensive. Of course our favorite Halloween costume will always be this guy on the right. Those are some DIY skills!

Your nearest thrift store can be a great starting point for some costumes and accessories. Goodwill even has a separate costume section during October. Searching at a thrift store may require patience and creativity, as there will be much sifting through unorganized clothes-racks.

Costume Swaps

If you’re looking for a kid’s costume, visit thredUP.com and check out their online costume swap, where you give and get back. You can recycle your kids’ outgrown costumes and get new costumes in return.  List any old kid’s costume on their site as a “Specialty Halloween Box.” When someone picks your box online, it’s free of charge to send in your box (thredUP will send you an empty, prepaid box.) In the meantime, you pick someone else’s box you’d like delivered and it’s yours for $5 + shipping. thredUP facilitates the whole process and you can get more details on their website. It’s a pretty good deal since you don’t even have to go to the post office- thredUP can schedule a home pick-up. Hundreds of parents have already swapped kids costumes on thredUP.com this year and their costume trade will run throughout the month of October.

For a listing of local costume swaps, check out Green Halloween. This site mentions Saturday, October 9th as National Costume Swap Day. If you have a costume swap in your area, you can register it on their site, or start one in your community by using their handy Swap How-To’s.

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