Recycled Wedding Dresses Made From Amazing Materials

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How To Wear White and Be Green

A Wedding Dress Made from Jeans
Recycled Denim Wedding Dress, Creative Commons License photo credit: Bex.Walton

Whether you’re trying to have the most eco-friendly wedding ever, or you’re on a budget, or you just love to play around with clothes made out of non-traditional materials, here are some great ideas for a recycled wedding dress.

Green & On a Budget

There are many options for buying gently used wedding dresses. You’re making a big difference if you opt to wear a dress that’s been worn before, by cutting down on the number of resources that must go into a garment you’ll only wear once.

On Recycled Bride, Once Wed or, you can search listings for used dresses, and post your own listing once your wedding is over.

You may also be able to find a wedding gown consignment store near you, where you can shop in person and later sell your wedding dress to keep the cycle going!

Recycled Fashion

If you love the unusual then take a look at these wedding dresses made from recycled materials.

Designed for “trashion” shows, which highlight reuse and the potential found in trash items for new life, repurposed coffee filters can be turned into surprisingly fun gowns. Check out these coffee filter to wedding dress transformations designed and constructed respectively by Veronica Coleman and Katie Gorman. Beyond trashion, here’s a coffee filter dress actually meant to be worn! Aimee Kick designed this dress to be something she could dance in and wear comfortably for prom. Not too far off from the requirements of a wedding dress.

Just because you probably can’t believe a wedding dress could be made out of a material stranger than coffee filters, even toilet paper! And here’s a great use for your old phone books.

Green & Tailored

If you want the perfect gown designed and tailored for you, it’s still possible to do it in eco-friendly style. Conscious Elegance uses sustainable and fair trade fabrics (like hempsilk!) and reclaimed closures and thread to make their eco-wedding dresses.

There are more great places like Blue Sky Bridal in Seattle, WA that emphasize a green wedding. Take a look in your local area to see if you can find ethical or organic wedding dresses.

Resourceful & Timeless

Has your mother or grandmother, sister or aunt held onto her wedding dress? Altering a beautiful vintage wedding dress passed down through the family can make your day even more special.

Especially if you’re a fan of vintage style, thrift stores or second hand stores can still turn up fantastic gowns, especially with a little alteration to make it your own.

Recycled & Romantic

A wedding dress was once the nylon parachute that saved the future groom’s life. A pilot fighting in WWII, Maj. Claude Hensinger’s plane engine caught fire after a bombing raid over Japan in August 1944. Forced to bail from the plane, the parachute allowed him to land safely, then served as blanket and pillow. He used it to propose to his future wife, Ruth, who was able (with the help of a local seamstress) to turn the voluminous parachute into a beautiful wedding dress fashioned on the dress in the movie Gone With the Wind. Not only was this dress recycled to begin with, Ruth passed this dress on to both her daughter and her son’s bride for two more family weddings! The dress is on display at the Smithsonian National Museum of American History, where you can read more about the Hensingers’ story.

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