Product Review: Urbano Eco Trash Can

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Since we advocate the purchase of recycled products, and recommend them constantly, here’s a product review of one of the coolest and most practical designs ever. We’ve received more than a few emails requesting more product reviews, so you asked for it, you got it!

We were given the Urbano Urban Trash Can for free from Uncommon Goods in exchange for an honest review. We chose the green color because it’s fun and matches our color scheme, but it also comes in black. What’s great about this trash can is that it’s made in the USA from recycled polypropylene, and if we all remember our fun plastic numbers, this is a safer plastic found in other common household containers, such as yogurt cups and medicine pill containers.

made with recycled materials
The Urbano Urban Trash Can wins points for its clever and practical design.

The Urbano Urban Trash Can won the 2005 Pratt Product Design Competition for the clever way that it allows you to store plastic bags. One of the most common ways that plastic bags are reused is for lining trash cans, so this provides a perfect and convenient way to line up your next bag.

Usually a bunch of plastic bags end up scrunched away in a cabinet somewhere or in another, larger plastic bag so this is a really handy feature. Here’s a video that shows you how to set up plastic bags in the trash can. Do keep in mind that there are other ways to recycle plastic bags too.

You may also be wondering why we’d choose to review a trash can of all things, when we stress recycling above all else. The reality is that trash happens. There are some things that just can’t be recycled, and when that’s the case, you need a container. By all means this container can be used for recycled items too, but its size (16″ H x 8″ W x 18″ D) is ideal for a small crafting or office space, and would fill up too quickly with bulky bottles and cans.

It is a little taller than what I was expecting given the handles, but I find it to be sturdy enough for what it is intended, indoor or outdoor. The only other thing is that I wish it came with more color choices.

Another perk about this container is that unlike other trash cans, it’s not round but slightly taller and narrow so it fits nicely wedged between a desk and a wall, for example, or other spots where space is limited such as a pet litter or laundry area.

Uncommon Goods also has some great choices for Mother’s Day gifts, so be sure to check them out. When using their search bar, simply check the box that says “recycled” and you’ll get a list of things made from all sorts of different recycled materials, from salvaged wood and metal to old bike tubes.

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Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for more product reviews over the coming weeks!

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