5 Fashionable Recycled Belt Buckles

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When it comes to recycling, you’ve heard of closing the loop, but what about the belt loop? Always on the lookout for clever recycled stuff, we’ve rounded up a collection of cool recycled belt buckles for you to peruse. There’s distinctive belt buckles made from bike pieces, seat belts, computer parts and more.

You may remember seeing some pretty great recycled belts made from bike tubes, and now there’s a belt buckle to go along with it. Perfect for the active cyclist, this belt buckle is made in the USA from recycled bike chains. What’s more, it’s handmade along with rust and corrosion resistant.

recycled belt buckle

Pictured below is a classic upcycled Ford seat belt upcycled into a unique accessory. Available at UncommonGoods.

Next up we have an amazing belt buckle made from an old beer can! Pictured below using a Pabst can, use this as an inspiration to make your own with your favorite can of beer. Classy.

recycled belt buckle


Last, take a look at these recycled belt buckles, one made from a used skateboard deck (complete with grind marks) and another made with an old computer mouse. Remember there’s some great used belt buckles found at your nearest vintage thrift store and on eBay, so be sure and shop there too.

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