Easy Ways to Recycle Old Trophies

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A Recycling Win For Everyone!

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Trophies are great for announcing to the world that you’re a winner! They give you something to hold up in the air, triumphantly, while someone snaps your photo. Of course, maybe you would rather not remember what it took to win 1st place in that hot dog eating contest. Or perhaps your collection of “participation” trophies from your pee-wee soccer league and the like has overtaken your shelf o’ accomplishment. Well now you can share that winning spirit by recycling your old trophies.

The trophy recycling program at Total Awards & Promotions in Wisconsin has been an overwhelming success. Not just for trophies, but also medals or other awards. Total Awards & Promotions created their trophy recycling program as a benefit for charities. Just think- instead of collecting dust on your shelf, an unwanted trophy will go to a local charity for someone else. Nothing like a passing on recognition to others!

This is a nationwide program, where trophies in good shape can come from anywhere in the country. Their warehouse got full pretty quickly, so check back on their website soon for updates for when they will be accepting trophies again.

Get crafty. These clever wine stoppers are made from old trophies.

Buy Recycled Trophies

The next step to keep the program going is helping to distribute all the trophies shipped to them. If you have a sports club or other organization, you can support this program by purchasing recycled trophies. All trophies that go through their recycling program are cleaned and ready to be engraved and personalized for your needs!

While accepting trophies, they request that if you’ve got your name engraved on it, to please remove the plate first if possible, otherwise they say they do remove them and update years and figures and such. Take a look at the recycled trophies they offer. Non-profits can also apply to get trophies for FREE.

They also have great information on how to conduct a Trophy Recycling Drive, including advice about organizing and announcing your drive. This is great for communities and also a good way to get some PR for your organization, so please read about it and keep recycling!

Damaged or Broken Trophies

Another option is Lamb Awards and Engraving in Pennsylvania, who will accept trophies in all conditions. If the trophies are in good shape, they will be donated in matching sets to charities. They also recycle damaged or broken trophies by breaking them down for reusable parts. You can mail them old plaques and medals too.

Thanks for reading and recycling!

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