Save the Date, Recycle Calendars

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recycle calendars
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Another year come and gone, and with it comes the time to change out that paper organization tool- the calendar. Lucky you were gifted that rustic farm equipment enthusiast calendar, but don’t trash last year’s “Kittens of the World” just yet. Here are some ideas for reusing and recycling old calendars.

That’s so 1984

For the borderline hoarders, did you know that you can reuse calendars in future years? If you have an old calendar from the years 1928, 1956, or 1984 you can reuse it for 2012. See how different years match up to reuse old calendars.

If you especially like a certain photo or picture from a calendar, frame it and put it on your wall. With the right calendar, this can be an easy and fun way to decorate a child’s bedroom or playroom.

The paper used for calendars is normally glossy and would hold up well for paper crafts projects, from collages to card making. The book Trash Origami by Michael LaFosse and Richard Alexander features a wonderful tutorial for making calendar wreaths on page 68.

TIP: If your curbside recycling accepts magazines than it’s likely your calendar can go right into your recycling bin. Check your local guidelines.

Here’s to another great year of recycling!

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