You Can Recycle Aluminum Pop Tabs

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Pick up the tab?

Recycle Aluminum Pop Tabs
Bag is made from recycled aluminum pull-tabs!

Did you know that cans can be recycled over and over an infinite amount of times? Read up on aluminum cans in this post– in the meantime, it’s time to talk about how you can recycle aluminum pop tabs.

While you should still recycle the whole can, people get really into collecting the aluminum tabs, sometimes collecting thousands at a time through special collection drives.

Pull Tabs For Charity is headquartered in Washington, D.C. and sponsors an ongoing aluminum pull tab recycling program. Check their program out if you’re interested in raising money for your organization, business, K-12 school, or university.

Sometimes the soda companies run charitable promotions themselves. For example, Hansen’s ran a tab collection program for breast cancer a while back. The red tab promotion, which is no longer active, was part of the City of Hope Breast Cancer Campaign. For each red tab received, 10 cents was donated (up to $100k) to the City of Hope for Breast Cancer research.

In April 2010, Sprite ran the “Sprite Tabs For Habitat” program. For each special green tab (which they featured on their Sprite cans during the month of April) that were collected and sent in, Sprite donated 10 cents to Habitat for Humanity, with a minimum donation of $250,000. Keep your eye out for these types of programs, as they crop up from time to time.

Handmade Pop Tab Goodness

Recycle Aluminum Pop Tabs
Recycled soda pop tab bracelet helps reuse what would otherwise be thrown away.

Aluminum tabs are lightweight, easy to collect, and are great for artists to work with. The recycled soda pop tab bracelet featured on the right is handmade in the U.S. and comes in all sorts of colors. Now that’s creative!

For more handmade crafting, also head on over to Plastique Creations, where Teresa has been crocheting for 41 years! She incorporates pop tabs into her handmade plarn bags. You can see her great creations on her flickr page, and find out more about them on her blog,

And to top it all off (so to speak), this beautiful and intricate lamp by Mauricio Affonso is made from hundreds of discarded aluminum pull-tabs.

We hope you enjoyed these ideas for how to recycle aluminum pop tabs, and thanks for keeping tabs on recycling!

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