One Dress, Many Dances: Recycle Your Prom Dress

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Redress for Success

Recycle a Prom or bridesmaid dress
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We’ve all got a few dresses tucked away in our closets that we’ve worn only once. Guys, this includes you too…we’ve all seen your Facebook photos from last Halloween. That hideous turquoise bridesmaid dress that you were forced to buy…that dance you felt obligated to go to with that well-meaning yet undesirable classmate- those dresses are collecting dust, people, and it’s time to offer them up to people who need them! is a national campaign that encourages girls around the country to donate their prom and special occasion dresses to those who cannot afford them for prom, sweet 16, quinceañera or formals. is part of a larger media conglomerate, and also hosts a really neat photo gallery and area where people can write in and share their stories.

They also have a very handy guide to dress drives by state. Just click and find where to donate and receive dresses! Their site also has information on how to start a dress drive in your community in six easy steps. Check it out.

Other Ways to Get Involved

The Glass Slipper Project is based in Illinois, with hundreds of volunteers on site that help make alterations on the dresses and act as personal shoppers. This project not only gives away dresses, but also shoes and other accessories. They had so many people contact them about starting a prom dress project in their own city that they inspired others to launch dress attire projects all over the country. Find a list of similar programs in a handful of states where you can donate.

This extends beyond prom season to other formal occasions. If there isn’t a program like this near you, start on your own!

As you can see, there are plenty of places and people willing to accept donations throughout the year and reuse and share. Even if you think prom sucks or are never asked to any dances and certainly aren’t bitter about it, and can just go stag and SHOW THEM ALL.

Besides donating used dresses, monetary donations to a program nearest to you is a nice way to support this work, and volunteers are always needed.

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