Product Review: Recycled Scented Pens

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Smens: They’re scented pens, and we’ve tried out a set for the last couple weeks and are here to tell you what we think about them. Smens are made by the The Smencil Company, whose wonderful original Smencils we’ve talked about before, so this seemed like the logical step.

We were given a set of Smens for free from Uncommon Goods in exchange for an honest review. Even though we’re usually busy typing away at a keyboard, there’s still the snail mail card that needs to be sent or journal entry to be made, so these pens fit the bill. Overall, they are pretty festive and fun to use. The best part of course is that they’re made from 100% recycled newspaper.

recycled pens
Smens are fun scented pens made from recycled newspaper.

The storage tubes they come in are made from corn-based plastic, which is compostable at larger-scale commercial composting facilities. At first I wondered why an extra storage tube is necessary, but storing them prevents the scents from mixing.

About the scents: Our set of 5 came with Passion Fruit, Creamsicle, Mocha, Cinnamon, and Wild Berry. I would have to say Passion Fruit is my favorite. All of the scents are pretty spot on, except for the Mocha which smells a bit more like vanilla almond. It’s still nice, though, and none of them are too overpowering.

About the ink: The pens write smoothly and don’t smudge. Even though it says it very clearly in the description that they are ballpoint pens with black ink, each time I use one I expect the color to be the same as the pen tip. It’s probably just me, and it looks like now there is indeed a Smens 2.0, with colored ink and five new scents, yay!

These pen make nice gifts for a range of different age groups, and are worth it because they are guaranteed to last for two years.

What’s cool is that you also have the ability to sign up for fundraising and sell Smencils and Smens for your school, club, or community group. There’s an online fundraiser for them too, on the same page.

Here’s where to find your scented pens: Smens: Scented Pens

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