Paint Recycling: Change the World One Gallon at a Time

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Donate Leftover Paint to Make a Difference

If you have leftover paint in your basement, now is the time to donate your paint. Based out of Atlanta, Georgia, Global Paint for Charity recovers leftover paint in the United States which would otherwise be discarded or end up in landfills. This charitable organization collects leftover paint from businesses and residences, reprocesses it and then donates it to schools, hospitals, orphanages and community centers to make a difference in the lives of people around the world.

At Global Paint for Charity, they recognize that a little layer of paint on the walls not only creates an attractive appearance and uplifts the spirit of the community, but it also protects the exterior and interior surfaces from bacterial objects, diseases and temperature changes. Since their inception in 2010, they have been rebuilding and renovating homes and painting or repainting sports stadiums and basketball courts at schools worldwide. As many as 3,000 to 6,000 gallons of paint have been salvaged at a time in a single day at paint recycling drive events.

With more support, founder Rony Delgarde believes that Global Paint for Charity can collect between 8,000 to 12,000 gallons of paint on a single day in the state of Georgia alone. Visit their website for additional information and photos of their paint recycling projects in developing countries around the world.

Paint Recycling

What You Can Do

Support the Global Paint for Charity mission to change lives and change the world, one gallon of paint at a time. The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that every homeowner in the U.S. has 3 to 5 gallons of leftover paint in their basement and 10% of those paints ends up in landfills. Global Paints will happily take any can, gallon and bucket containers of latex or oil paint, regardless of the amount, age or condition.

Remember that just one gallon of paint could pollute up to 250,000 gallons of drinking water if disposed of improperly. By participating in their paint recycling program, you’ll know that they are taking steps to protect the environment and improve living conditions for people throughout the world.

  • If you don’t have paints to donate, offer your times, skills and energy and volunteer instead. Volunteers are essential in helping their programs run smoothly.
  • Hold a Paint Drive to organize local events for paint recycling from organizations and residences in your local area.
  • Visit their Partner page to see if your organization may be eligible to partner up with Global Paints and receive free donated paint.

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2 Responses to Paint Recycling: Change the World One Gallon at a Time

  1. Fantastic article. Thank you for the awesome recommendations. Great program here. I didn’t know leftover paint can be reused to help others! This is so helpful! We will be implementing this program immediately. Thank you so much….

  2. As a Social Entrepreneur, people always think about donating money to poor people.Global Paint for Charity has demonstrated that paint can live an evalasting impression of hope that can never be wiped out when colors are combined.

    We are all ready to spread the good work of GPC and brighten the colors where we are for social change.The colors of the rainbow signifies that the Creator of the Universe is of different colors and so are we humans.Together, we can make the world a beautiful and a unifyed place to live.
    Together, with one gallon at a time, let us brush.

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