Light Up Your Garden With Recycled Lanterns

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Glowing Jars
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Add a cheerful, festive feel to your garden or yard with recycled lanterns. They’re easy to make with materials you probably already have lying around.

Paper, Tin Cans and Jars

For a simple craft project that’s great to do with kids, try making these paper lanterns. You can make them different sizes, hang them up individually or tie them to make a string of lanterns. Glue some colored tissue paper on the inside layer and attach a lantern around each bulb of a string of bistro lights and light them up!

You wouldn’t think an old tin can could ever become an interesting or even elegant addition to you garden, but this tutorial shows that it can be done easily.

Adding a candle to an empty jar with the label removed is about as simple and easy as it gets. Wrap some wire around the neck of the jar to create a handle, put some colored stones or a little sand in the base of the jar and nobody will ever guess that jar used to hold pickles or pasta sauce!

If you want a slightly different look, you could frost the jars, like these recycled glass jar star lanterns.

Glue some tissue paper to the outside of the lanterns to give them some color.

Buy Recycled Lanterns

Garden lanterns made with recycled tinIf making it yourself isn’t your thing, there are lots of interesting and fun lanterns to buy made from recycled materials. These lanterns made from reclaimed tin don’t look like something you’d want to make by hand without previous metal working experience, thick leather gloves, and some proper tools. You can bask in the glow of these cheery lanterns without any of the work and feel good about supporting artisans that use recycled materials.

With realistic flickering LED tea lights, candles, string lights, or even simple DIY LEDs (one LED taped to a lithium coin battery), there are many ways to get light into your garden. Safety first! Make sure you choose a safe combination when designing your garden light scheme. Also remember  to use a taper or lighter long enough to reach safely into your jar or can when lighting candles.

Also, to end on some cuteness here’s a really adorable hedgehog lantern.

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  1. I’ve done something like this with an old jam jar and melting wax. Always nice with a little scented oil and they make great gifts when tied up with some ribbon.

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