How to Recycle Board Games

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Take a Turn Recycling

With rainy weather approaching, it’s a great time to get together inside and play a board game. Before you can get that first Monopoly, you need to be sure you’ve got all the pieces. After all, there could be an awful lot of dust on that game box. Here are some of the best reuse and recycling options to get the most out of your board game.


The game’s not over just because of a few missing pieces. If your game is made by Hasbro, order replacement parts through their website and keep on playing!


Want a totally new game experience? Maybe you need The Boardgame Remix Kit. Using old board games you already own, play all new games!

Check out this clever idea that turns old Scrabble boards into photo frames.

Perhaps you found an old game at a thrift store and it’s missing quite a few pieces, but had an awesome vintage cover? Create your own game! Come up with new questions, use old knick knacks or buttons for pieces. Scavenge from other board games, and create something totally unique and fun that makes a really excellent gift.


game-board coasters
Coasters made from board games. Creative Commons License photo credit: theogeo

RecycleBank ran a promotion where you could mail in old board games, even if they had missing pieces, for free. The program ensured that games would be recycled properly and you earned points with RecycleBank. The promotion ran for a limited time, but it doesn’t hurt to check back and see if they will offer it again.

Do something completely different! Old Scrabble tiles are neat for making into refrigerator magnets, jewelry, gluing on photo frames, and spelling out anything you like. Game pieces from games like Monopoly are perfect for repurposing into something fun, like these Monopoly car cufflinks.

Old game boards themselves can be upcycled into journal covers, coasters, or anything else you can think of.

For a game board craft challenge at, this cool Uno dress was #1!

Buy Recycled Games

Many game makers know that games can be fun, educational, and save resources. BrainBox games are made from recycled materialsFind games like the BrainBox series that are made with recycled materials. Check out other great games made by the Green Board Game Co.

Plan Toys’ Eco Recycling Game is a recycled game about recycling! Teach young ones about recycling and conserving resources with this cute game made from recycled rubberwood.

Your turn!

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