How to Make a Recycled Birdbath

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Liven Up Your Garden With a Recycled Birdbath

Please Keep Clean Water in Shallow Dishes to Help Birds Survive The Current Heat Wave!!
Creative Commons License photo credit: Koshyk

There is nothing so peaceful and therapeutic as watching birds splash about in your own garden. Combining recycling with bird watching for a winning combination, so use these helpful tips for an easy DIY spring project. Remember that a birdbath can be shallow- the birds won’t mind. All kinds of materials can be recycled into a bird bath. Take a look at some of these ideas and then hunt around your house, local thrift store, or a garage sale.

  • Frisbees
  • A cake pan
  • An old hubcap
  • Old terracotta pots
  • Plates (especially if they have a bit of a lip to hold more water), bowls, cups, etc.

Figure out where you are going to put your birdbath. Will it be in the garden? How tall does it need to be?

Decide if you are going to let it sit on a rock or table.

Look for an old stump or wooden post that you may be able to attach it to. You could even make a hanging bird bath like this Frisbee to birdbath tutorial suggests.

Gather your construction materials and some appropriate glue, for example a porcelain or ceramic glue if you are using old dishes or pots.

This example uses an old ceramic vase and an appetizer plate:

Make a recycled birdbath
Photos courtesy of A. Quiros

Here are some other great birdbaths you can make out of recycled materials:

Made from terracotta pots and pipe, this birdbath is a little more complicated (drilling, gluing, and adding a drip hose) but very elegant.

This fabulous birdbath uses all manner of dishes and glassware: old vases, a punch bowl, and glass plates from a microwave.

These are all great examples of using recycled materials, and kids will love them too!

Grab a book on identifying birds in your region and see what you can spot visiting your new recycled birdbath. Happy bird watching!

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  1. How do I weigh down the bird baths I make so they don’t blow over and break. I live on the Oregon coast and get a lot of wind.

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