Great Recycled Mothers Day Gifts for 2015

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Guide to Mother’s Day Gifts

She spent years of her life wiping your bum, so this Mother’s Day treat your mother right! We’ve got some great Mother’s Day gift ideas that are made from recycled materials. Have fun looking!


Mom Vaserecyced vase Mother's Day Gifts

One of those standard Mother’s Day gifts. This vase isn’t recycled per se, but it is handmade. Remember that if you choose to buy Mum a bouquet, use our tips on recycling flowers.




Bird and Baby Birds Recycled Silver NecklaceMother's Day Gifts

Handmade, with recycled sterling silver. Have a baby in the family? Have 2, 3, or 8 like the Octomom? Your necklace might get a little heavy, but it’s still sweet.


Recycled Glass Butterflies Mother's Day Gifts


Recycled Glass Butterflies

Designed to float about your garden, these beautiful glass butterflies are made from recycled glass and include a loop so they can be hung up inside our out. Hand-blown from 100% recycled glass by our friendly neighbors to the North.


Pot Holder with Recycled CottonMother's Day Gifts

If you give your mother one of these pot holders made from recycled cotton, maybe she’ll bake you something sweet! Overall, a pretty solid Mother’s Day gift.



Herb planter recycled wine bottle Mother's Day Gifts

Grow Bottle

Where fermentation meets germination. Wine bottles can be reused for many things- just add some seeds and you’re on your way to some herby goodness. This repurposed glass bottle set also comes with clay pebbles, wool wick, plant nutrient, a cork coaster, and seeds. Choose between Organic Basil, Organic Chive, or Heirloom Mint. Just follow the instructions.

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If you want to just give a card for Mother’s Day, these Grow-A-Note cards are made with recycled paper and flower seeds. Once it’s given, the card can be planted and will grow into a beautiful bouquet.

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  1. […] Back in the education centre, the pupils also participated in a variety of activities that helped them understand more about waste and recycling, it’s all about getting young people engaged and interested in a topic that affects us all every day. They had a great time slimming their bins and they even got to make a gift bag out of unwanted wallpaper – just in time for Mothers Day! […]

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