Clever Recycled Wallets Fit the Bill

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Recycled wallets are awesome. They last a long time, are totally cool, and don’t cost too much. Usually wallets are made from leather because it’s so durable. You’ll find that wallets made from recycled materials are lightweight, simple and just as long-lasting to carry your essentials: credit card, cash, ID, or transit card.

Check out the collection of recycled wallets that make great gift ideas below. Wallets are made from bike tubes, old fire hoses and plastic bags.
Recycled Wallets

Above is just one example of bike tube wallets, made from upcycled inner tubes. Just because there’s a blowout doesn’t mean old tubes have to go to a landfill. Companies like Alchemy Goods in Seattle even accept old tubes sent to them so they can make wallets. See if your local bike shop wants to participate in a recycling program like this.
Recycled Wallets

Lori Burley makes wallets by hand using spent decommissioned fire hoses. Find more information about their unique texture and purchase online.

Recycled Wallets

Each recycled wallet above is made from ten plastic bags that have been reclaimed from the shoreline, cleaned, cut and crafted into a durable cover.

Wallets by Holstee are made from upcycled plastic bags and newspapers from the streets of Delhi. You may have seen the Purple Upcycled Wallet at a retail store near you. This vegan wallet provides the impoverished with fair wage employment while simultaneously reducing waste in Delhi.

Make Your Own Wallet

Making things for yourself is usually easier on your wallet, so how about actually making a wallet. DIY and recycled crafts go hand in hand. Purchasing recycled products like the sampling above is great because reusing material means we don’t have to manufacture new material, but it’s also worthwhile to make your own wallet. Yes, you can just use a rubber band or Ziploc bag to hold your stuff, but these are more fun.

Recycled wallets are made from a variety of materials, such as:

  • Duct tape
  • Milk and juice cartons
  • Tyvek

This is easy. Duck® Brand duct tape provides a beginner’s level guide to making a duct tape wallet, and you are a quick YouTube search away for videos on how to make a carton wallet.

Tyvek, in case you aren’t familiar, is a strong synthetic material that is water and tear-resistant. You’ve probably seen it available for free at US post offices, as it is used for Express and Priority envelopes.

The Mighty Wallet, for example, is made from Tyvek, and comes in a bunch of fun, different designs available online. By using a pattern and tutorial found here and the recycled materials mentioned above, you are on your way to making your own wallet.

This info is out there, so use it and be creative!

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