CAPtivating Ways to Recycle Bottle Caps

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Put on your Recycling CAP, everyone! Here are several places you can mail bottle caps for recycling:


Plastic bottle caps are one of those items your curbside recycler may not accept- not only can they jam sorting machinery, they are also made out of a different type of plastic (polypropylene) from the rest of the plastic bottle (PET) so there are two potential reasons why your recycler may not be able to take them. Check out RecycleScene’s plastic article for a bit more in depth discussion of recycling different plastic types.

Recycle Bottle Caps

Aveda has an ongoing cap recycling program for schools (applies in 48 states). Aveda has been working to develop ways to make new caps from the recycled caps and use them in their future products. Even if you’re not a teacher or student, I’m sure there’s a school in your community that can help start this program.

Find a salon near you, ask if they participate, or contact [email protected] or call 1-877-Aveda09. Not too complicated, thankfully.

They provide a Cap Collection Guide for download that includes plastic caps that twist, found mainly on shampoo, water, soda, milk and other beverage bottles.

Another great place to mail those plastic bottle caps is The ReCap Company. They’ll accept any number of caps you choose to send, which they then use to create recycled bottle cap doormats. Here’s the address to mail those caps to:

The ReCap Co.
6465 Lewis Rd
Loveland, OH 45140


Many curbside recyclers do accept metal caps. Check with your local recycler to see if this is true. Of course, in case you can’t add them to your curbside bin, or for a fun alternative:

Bottle Cap Lure Company recycles metal bottle caps from participating bars and restaurants, or anyone that sends them in! 10% of recycled bottle caps received are made into functional fishing lures. The remaining bottle caps are sent to be melted down and reused in the metal world. And of course you can also purchase those bottle cap fishing lures for the fishing a-fish-ianados in your life through their site.

Recycle Bottle Caps: Art & Fashion

Metal bottle caps are prominently featured in the world of eco-fashion- necklaces, belts, etc. Littlearth is a great place to start because some of the bottle caps they use are vintage, no longer manufactured caps. Located in Pittsburgh, Littleearth tries to incorporate reused and recycled parts into their products as much as possible and there’s at least 50% recycled content in all of their cool stuff.

Increase Your Recycling CAPacity

There really are loads of ways that people find to repurpose bottle caps creatively. If I end up with bottle caps I really like, I glue a magnet to the back and have some new flair for my fridge. Here’s a quick tutorial if your fridge is looking bare.

Recycle Bottle Caps
Juicy II

There’s crafty and then there’s ART! For example, beautiful mosaics. Check out this installation entitled Juicy II made entirely of plastic bottle caps and lids. features unique signs made from bottle caps and will also accept your bottle caps by mail to use in their works. You can find amazing bottle cap portraits at And how cool is this bottle cap furniture at! I can’t imagine how much time goes into these mind blowing creations!

So raise your beverage of choice and toast to recycling those caps!

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