5 Ways to Reuse Broken Ornaments

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Creative Commons License photo credit: wolfsavard

It’s inevitable that a few glass ornaments will be broken by the end of the holidays. If you’re lucky and nothing was broken after you brought it down from storage, things tend to get damaged by the time they’re removed from the tree. The worst case scenario is that you were powerless to watch as the tree fell over! Sometimes super glue just won’t cut it.

Fear not- there are cool things to do with cracked and busted ornaments that are crafty and useful instead of sweeping them into the trash. Remember to always use judgement when handling any broken pieces.

1. Carefully, without injuring yourself on a shard, apply a layer of paper mache as recommended.

2. Turn those broken ornaments into a holiday mirror. With this project, you’ll want to be careful about sharp edges.

3. Check out this clever broken ornament ball from Grathio Labs.

4. Craftberry Bush shows us how to add pieces of music sheets onto broken ornaments.

5. Here is what one designer did to create a broken ornament necklace.

And finally, if you need to replace your broken ornaments with new ones, consider purchasing ornaments made with recycled materials.

We provided a handy overview of some of the best recycled ornaments that includes materials such as glass, salvaged computer parts, vintage vinyl records,  and a special ingredient that only comes from elephants.

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