5 Amazing Ways to Reuse Old Cables and Cords

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Is there a time you tripped because of cables scattered around your house? Cable wires and cords are used to charge or connect hardware. Without these, we wouldn’t be able to use devices like broadband, smartphone or other mobile devices. But what if the cables you have at home are old enough to throw away? The best thing to do is reuse old cables.

Sometimes those components turn out to be a clutter that takes up too much space at home. The solution you might have thought about was to throw away these cables, right?

Throwing Away Old Cables is a Bad Idea

Did you know that dumping old cable in the trash means you are throwing away money? Yes, those old cords of yours can turn from trash to cash. There are people who are interested in buying secondhand items, and those who look for replacement for the cables they have lost or broken. Dig through the piles of cable wires you own and check if they are worth selling.

Cables and cords are non-biodegradable items. Just like plastic and Styrofoam, these bits and pieces will not decompose, bringing harm not just to the environment, but also to our health. Instead of throwing them out:

  • Drop off the old cables to recycling centers to be sorted into what can be recycled or reused.
  • Create a garage sale in front of your house to sell your old gizmos.
  • If you want a hassle-free way of selling those items, post an ad on Amazon, Craigslist, eBay, or other popular selling sites. Best Buy also helps you get rid of your cable wire clutter. They do not recycle the wires themselves, however, they take everything and sell it off by the pound to a third-party seller.

If you can’t still bear to get rid of your old cable wires, read on for ways to reuse them.

Reduce and Reuse Old Cables

Keep your cables and cords organized by doing these Do-It-Yourself projects to repurpose and reuse old cables:

Toilet Paper Rolls – The cardboard that keeps tissue intact from toilet paper rolls will keep your cable wires orderly. Get as much of it as you need and place the wires into them to keep them away from tangling. Place each roll on a box to keep them neat and clean.

how to reuse old cables wires and cords

Springs From Old Pen – Reuse your old cables even if they’re frayed. If you have old retractable pens at home that have run out of ink, disassemble the pen to get the spring and attach it to the frayed part of your cable wire, as shown below.

how to reuse old cables wires and cords

Electromagnet – Reuse old cables for a fun experiment. You’ll just need a thin, flexible copper wire with the plastic insulation still intact. Other things you need are: thin piece of easily magnetized metal, often found on big iron nails, and a low-voltage battery.

Start by coiling the wire around the metal as tightly as possible. Take note that the more coils you can squeeze in, the stronger the magnetic field you will produce. Make sure to leave enough loose wire at both ends to ensure that you can still connect it to the battery.

how to reuse old cables wires and cords

You’ll get best results if you create a battery case that can be attached to the wires. Adding a case is safer and more versatile for the experiment. Flip the battery to change the magnetic polarity.

Designer Jewelery – Get the copper wire from the electrical cables for making homemade jewelery. If you have a digital coaxial cable, use its copper core, which is thicker compared to other cables.

how to reuse old cable wires

Use wire snips to cut through the PVC jacket and dielectric spacer. For added design, also use with thinner wires by unbraiding the protective guard. Shape the wire with a pair of needle-nose pliers and a hammer. Use different colored beads to decorate it nicely.

Have fun practicing reduce reuse recycle with old cables and cords!

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