10 Ways To Make Recycling Easy

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Recycling Made Easy

Make recycling easy
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Let’s face it: It takes some organization skills to fit reduce reuse recycle into a daily routine. Besides knowing what can be recycled, there’s other things to consider like where to keep all your stuff before your next trip to a recycling center. It’s easy to make excuses for not recycling, but once you make the 3 Rs a habit, it doesn’t feel like any effort at all. We’ll show you how to make recycling easy by creating a workable system for your space.

Storage Bins
Storage is an issue particularly if curbside recycling is not offered near you. Inexpensive, medium-sized storage bins are not hard to find and place directly next to your garbage bin. It’s been proven time and time again that pairing recycling and trash containers next to each other increases how much people recycle. It’s like giving yourself a choice and a reminder at the same time, and most of the time you’ll opt to recycle.

Recycling Household Items
If it’s necessary to sort your recycling before taking it to a center, label each bin on its side or lid to show what goes inside, such as mixed paper, cardboard, newspaper, steel cans, aluminum cans, glass, #1 and #2 plastic, or plastic bags. Erasable labels are awesome because you can reuse them over and over.

Save time: If your city offers single stream or commingled recycling, that means you don’t have to sort your recyclables because they’ll be sorted once they reach the recycling facility. Don’t waste your time sorting if you don’t have to.

Recycling electronics and computers comes up often due to constant upgrades. Check out our Electronics tag for tips on recycling all kinds of e-waste responsibly. No need to search around for the best recycler: A good option is to use a recycler who is part of the “e-Steward” network. They follow high standards and reuse or refurbish your computer and laptop stuff.

Cash for Recycling
How about this for easy: Your old cell phones, digital cameras and other gadgets contain valuable materials and are worth money! No use letting them pile up in a drawer at home. Our Fundraiser Encyclopedia will tell you exactly who will pay you to recycle. It’s easy to remember to recycle if you get cash for it.

Recycling Old Clothes
Depending on your hobbies and skill at crafting, set aside a bin for old socks and shirts to make cool stuff out of them later, like little sock fish. Creative recycling projects like these curb that impulse to throw something away just because it’s worn out. And if it’s not, donate to someone else who is in need. Recycling is easy and fun if you end up with something totally cute you can say you made yourself!

Around the Garage
Oddly enough, you have to get organized to recycle, but eventually you might find that recycling keeps you organized!

Tires are great to reuse in your garden as tire planters if you can’t find a collection event around your town.

Motor oil can contaminate ground water if it’s disposed of improperly down a sewer drain. Be slick and use our recycling tips for automotive oil.

Additional Tips

  • Hazardous waste should be collected in one area out of the way of children or pets.
  • Tax deductible donations are available if you donate your items to a charity, so get a receipt for your records.
  • Plan your trip. If your only option is to drive to a recycling center, combine this activity with other errands. Your route depends greatly on where you live, of course, but making the rounds on one trip and planning accordingly to do so makes for the most efficient route and saves fuel.

Bear in mind that no single model will work for everyone. There are many factors to consider, such as the size and layout of where you live, whether or not you have a yard or storage space and how much, the amount of trash and recycling you generate, and what your neighborhood trash disposal system is like. Feel free to pick and choose and do what works for you. Start small and see what happens. Small things add up, and your efforts make you a good citizen.

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