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Fun Fall Bird Feeders Made from Sunflowers

There’s still plenty of time to recycle creatively this season. Just because sunflowers are no longer in full bloom doesn’t mean they can’t be useful and decorative. A recent trip to a farmer’s market lead to the discovery of this idea that was just begging to be shared! The bird feeders below are great examples… Continue Reading

Amazing Art Made with Leaves

Who says art supplies don’t grow on trees? If you know how to use them, leaves are perfect for creative projects. They can be used as stamps, folded like origami, arranged in beautiful designs all on their own. Leaf it to us to show you these ideas to create something to keep or share as… Continue Reading

Book Review: Making Bits & Pieces Mosaics

We’ve all had an “Oops” moment where we broke a vase, plate, or teapot that we loved or we knew was important to someone else. Well thanks to the useful and instructive book Making Bits & Pieces Mosaics, those accidents can be transformed into decorative keepsakes. For when you’ve fallen upon shard times… The folk… Continue Reading

Recycle a Cup, and Make a Friend!

Super cute recycling project alert! We love the kind of recycling that makes you reach for some glue, scissors, and tape so we’re putting the spotlight on Waste-Not Animal kits. Each kit includes illustrated instructions on recycling plastic bottles and cups to create fun animal friends such as a hedgehog, fox, or chameleon. Each kit… Continue Reading