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Corn Husk Crafts & Other Fun

corn husk craftsYou’ve probably heard of a corn cob pipe, but there are other ways to reuse other parts of leftover corn by creating corn husk crafts.

It’s a treat when corn is in season. Grilled or steamed, nothing beats the taste of sweet corn all on its own, or with butter. But when your down cleaning off the kernels, you’re left with the cob and husks. These food scraps are easy to compost if you know how yourself, or if your city provides commercial-scale composting.

If you don’t feel like composting, get creative with these project ideas! We’ve searched from husk til dawn to find these neat corn husk crafts. Use these recycling project ideas as a springboard for your own creativity. Add accessories after you fashion corn husks and cobs into decorative dolls and wreaths. Then if someone says your art of sense of style is corny, you can wholeheartedly agree.

Corn Husk Crafts

Below is a wreath made from corn husks:

corn husk crafts


Corn husks are skillfully arranged to form the doll pictured below:


corn husk crafts

A Cob Well Done

Incidentally, sustainable, organic farming methods are the best choice for your health and healthy soil. Be aware of residual pesticides on your food and what it means for your health to consume chemicals. If you’re curious, check out the concepts in the Clean 15 and Dirty Dozen. Some fruits absorb the chemicals that are sprayed on them to keep bugs at bay, and it’s hard to rinse off those chemicals.

Note: One way to NOT reuse corn cobs is as pet treats. The cute kitty is enjoying a tasty nom of corn in the picture above, but it is not recommended to give a corn cob to your animals. Choose another chew toy or treat, as corn cobs can cause intestinal obstruction in pets.

TIP: Instead, try using corn cobs in place of wood chips in your BBQ. Save them in the freezer, and place one onto your charcoal.

Fun Fall Bird Feeders Made from Sunflowers

There’s still plenty of time to recycle creatively this season. Just because sunflowers are no longer in full bloom doesn’t mean they can’t be useful and decorative. A recent trip to a farmer’s market lead to the discovery of this idea that was just begging to be shared! The bird feeders below are great examplesContinue Reading