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Project Idea: How to Make a DIY Wine Cork Bathmat

Below is a guest post by Olive Moore, a writer, owner of Prompt Cleaning Services and a creative person who is trying to live a bit more eco-friendly. 

We know that leftover wine corks are great to reuse in fun projects like holiday decorations, amazing portraits, and even table settings. Now here’s how to make a DIY wine cork bathmat that will look great in a number of bathroom styles, from modern to rustic. It’s not difficult to do and the supplies you will need are easy to find, and cheap!

How to Make a DIY Wine Cork Bathmat

For making your own bathmat from recycled wine corks, you will need around 150-200 wine corks. These are easily found from saving up over time, used bottles of wine from friends, discount stores, or by asking nearby restaurants or catering companies if they have surplus. Photo: Amelia Sommer.

Use warm water and soap to clean your wine corks. This will remove dust, wax and any other build-up. For cleaning wine stains, soak the corks in a solution of water and a small amount of bleach for one night. Rinse them well afterwards and let them dry. All corks should be clean and dried out well before you start working with them.Continue Reading

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