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What to Do with Broken Hockey Sticks

Give Used Hockey Sticks a Second Chance Every now and again, a recycling program sticks out, and we’d like to highlight HockeyGreen, an initiative of Total Hockey, that provides players with an incentive to recycle their used, broken and unwanted composite hockey sticks instead of just throwing them away. The program is relatively new, with… Continue Reading

Recycled Sled Races: Recycling Hits the Slopes

If you’re looking to get into the recycling spirit while enjoying the best that winter has to bring, then check out these creative ideas. Recycled Sled Races and Competitions The challenge is to make your own sled, using mainly recycled materials. You’ve probably done this without even thinking about it if you’ve ever sledded down… Continue Reading

Recycling From Head to Toe: Swim Caps and Sandals

The feasibility of recycling swim caps into flip flops holds promise for Yvonne Kraus, triathlete and founder of EcoAthlete. She hopes that the final recycled product for the swim cap recycling program will be launched in the near future. Swim caps are made from latex, silicone, Lycra, or neoprene, a synthetic rubber. Recycling options for… Continue Reading

3 Ways to Recycle Surfboards

Catch the Recycling Wave Usually surfboards are made out of wood, polyurethane or polystyrene foam, so they can be tricky to recycle. It’s easier to find a used board for sale, and help support the sale of secondhand items. Remember that if your surfboard gets broken, you could take it to a repair shop to… Continue Reading