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Carpet Recycling 101

How to recycle carpets
Creative Commons License photo credit: the-specious

Carpet recycling is a lot simpler than you might think. Usually it gets tricky to recycle an item that is made from mixed materials, but instead of sending carpet to a landfill, put it to good use. The Carpet America Recovery Effort, or CARE, provides an outstanding resource to locate carpet recycling places near you. CARE estimates that 5 billion pounds of carpet was sent to the landfill in 2003, and since they began carpet recycling in 2002, about 500 million pounds of old carpet have been recovered, and that number grows every year.

Their website has a great feature where you can click on your state to see where there is a carpet recycling partner- this is very handy! Don’t let your recycling habits get swept under the rug- take care to do something better with it by using this resource: Carpet Reycling

  • Bonus Tidbit #1: In 2007, Ray Anderson at Interface, Inc. was recognized as Recyclers of the Year by CARE, and was also featured in the 2003 award-winning documentary The Corporation. Watch this film to learn how one of the world’s largest manufacturer of carpet learned to change the way his company was relating to resources and the earth.
  • Bonus Tidbit #2:  In September 2010, California signed into law the first product stewardship law in the country to specifically address carpet. Beginning July 2011, a $.05 per square yard was added to the sale of all carpet sold or shipped into CA. This raises consumer awareness about carpet recycling, and creates an incentive to recycle by rewarding entrepreneurs who recycle carpet and produce marketable products made from post-consumer carpet. Continue Reading

Return of RecycleMania, 2012 Edition

Hey college students, get ready to start saving up those 100% legally purchased and responsibly consumed alcoholic beverage cans and bottles, because RecycleMania kicks off on February 6, 2012. Each year colleges and universities from across the U.S. and Canada compete in this 8-week long tournament to reduce and recycle waste on campus. Going For… Continue Reading

5 Ways to Keep Your House Warm

Save Energy and Reduce Costs Have you ever learned about they way beavers build their lodges to stay safe, toasty and dry? Talk about nature’s recyclers- beavers build from the inside out using mud, grass, and branches. These little flat-tailed critters’ homes are tight, so let’s take a lesson from them! Many houses have heaters,… Continue Reading