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Join the “Put a Cork in it” Collection Drive

Drink Wine and Recycle

Corks, 3:1 aspect ratio
Creative Commons License photo credit: Claudio Matsuoka

It’s a fine time to enjoy some wine, and you’ll be helping to give used material a second life if you do!

The California Wine Club is conducting a nationwide cork drive in partnership with The program gives you an easy way to return corks with postage covered by The Club so they can be turned into something useful, like shoes or flooring. That’s right, you don’t even have to pay to send your corks!Continue Reading

A Flip Flop Story

Check out the amazing, colorful result of lost flip flops that travel hundreds of miles across the sea. Read more about recycling sandals and flip flops to learn where you can send your unwanted sandals and flip flops to be recycled, plus a cool whale sculpture that teaches about marine pollution and its effects onContinue Reading

The Art of Recycling Phone Books

Artist Transforms Old Phone Books Most of us have gotten a phone book dropped off at our business or residence. In fact, every year, more than 500 million telephone books are distributed nationwide- enough paper to circle the earth 4 times! Luckily, your phone book is 100% recyclable. An old phone book can be reused,Continue ReadingContinue Reading