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Adventures in Recycling Wedding Dresses

Sarah and Brennan's Wedding
Creative Commons License photo credit: Jeremy Bronson

We’ve talked about what to do with an old prom dress, so now we’re moving on to another one of life’s big occasions- a wedding. After the wedding, what do you do with the dress?  You might save it in the garment bag that in came in and store it somewhere in the attic or closet, but there are lots of other things you could do to recycle wedding dresses.

Trash the Dress

Although the name may make that sound contrary to advice you’d find on RecycleScene, a Trash the Dress session can be super fun, and doesn’t mean the dress is unusable afterward. The idea is that you’ve made a commitment to your partner so you’ll never need the dress again. A “Trash the Dress” session typically refers to a photo shoot of you in your dress doing things you’d never do in a pristine, white, expensive garment! Standing in the middle of a lake, tromping through a muddy field, lying on the ground, riding a horse, running a marathon, and generally getting creative. You can end up with some gorgeous photos and it’s also a great symbolic gesture. Take a look at some Trash the Dress photos, and you’ll get the idea. Once “trashed” you’re still going to have a dress. If you no longer want to keep it, or perhaps you’re over photo shoots after posing so much on your big day and want to skip the “trashing”, here are some handy tips for what to do with your old bridal dress with an emphasis on reuse. Continue Reading

Recycled Recycling Receptacles!

Have you ever pondered the irony in recycling items in a bin that was not made from recycled materials? Before you let your mind spiral into the paradoxical abyss that is using virgin materials to help recycle, read this guest article by Carla Kostiak of Busch Systems. The Benefit of Buying Bins Made with Recycled… Continue Reading

9 Recycled Wedding Gift Ideas

Recycled, New, Borrowed and Blue Shopping for the happy couple? Let us provide some beautiful options with recycling in mind. Here are some recycled wedding gift ideas, all made from recycled materials of course, for the newlyweds: Married life is barrels of fun- that’s what you can tell the new couple when you give them this… Continue Reading