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Great Recycled Mothers Day Gifts for 2018

Guide to Mother’s Day Gifts

She spent years of her life wiping your bum, so this Mother’s Day treat your mother right! We’ve got some great Mother’s Day gift ideas that are made from recycled materials. Have fun looking!


Mom Vaserecyced vase Mother's Day Gifts

One of those standard Mother’s Day gifts. This vase isn’t recycled per se, but it is handmade. Remember that if you choose to buy Mum a bouquet, use our tips on recycling flowers.




Bird and Baby Birds Recycled Silver NecklaceMother's Day Gifts

Handmade, with recycled sterling silver. Have a baby in the family? Have 2, 3, or 8 like the Octomom? Your necklace might get a little heavy, but it’s still sweet.

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Eco Eggs For After Easter

A little bit Easter, a little bit eco, here’s a roundup of some recycled egg-themed goodness. Digital DNA Commissioned by the Palo Alto Public Arts Commission in 2000, artists Adriana Varella and Nilton Maltz constructed this 7-foot tall egg using recycled circuit boards. Entitled Digital DNA, this sculpture is an iconic reminder of Palo Alto’s… Continue Reading

Pitch in at Earth Day Recycling Events

Time to Roll Up Your Sleeves Of the many Earth Day projects and activities, one way to get involved is an Earth Day recycling event near you. People in cities across the U.S. start marking their calendars for the chance to recycle items often not accepted at most locations. Participants are asked to help the… Continue Reading

Celebrating Recycling in Nature

Humans aren’t the only ones that rock at recycling. There are other amazing organisms, large and small, that do their part to recycle within the world around them. You may remember from our article on recycling Christmas trees that elephants help out by eating them. The circle of life continues as elephants and people team… Continue Reading