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Computer Disposal and Recycling – Part 1

Find Out How U Can Recycle a CPU

Computer Disposal and Recycling
Creative Commons License photo credit: Easterbilby

What do you mean this Commodore 64 can’t find my wireless network?! Even if they are old and outdated, there’s no need to have working machines end up in the trash. Those computer parts can be reused or refurbished for schools and other organizations.

Besides the obvious reuse, recycling old computers is important! Otherwise heavy metals/toxins from the e-waste leaches into the ground if it ends up in a landfill. This 3-Part series will help give you answers as you ask yourself when you need to recycle an old computer.

  1. Can I donate this item?
  2. Who can benefit from this item even though I no longer need it?
  3. Will the manufacturer of the item take it back, and better yet, even give me money for it?
  4. How do I know the recycler I take my electronics to won’t turn around and export it elsewhere overseas?Continue Reading

Cans For Cash For Critters

For zoo lovers, here’s a neat recycling program: the non-profit Zoological Society of Milwaukee’s (ZSM) Cans for Cash for Critters. This recycling challenge is open to schools, families, youth groups and companies and will help the Milwaukee County Zoo. The title of the program mentions cans in its name, but participants can go well beyondContinue ReadingContinue Reading